We Finally Have Our Own Space!


This year has brought us so much change. We finally have our own space! A new Community Center!  We bought a condo, a semi- basement, about 2,000 square feet, and have transformed the dusty bare brick shell into an inviting, colorful labyrinth of rooms.

As we (WMF Moldova staff) visited with friends in the U.S. this month, we were asked,

“What has this new change brought about for you?”

Here is our response:

  1. We have gained respect from the local government and church as a dynamic organization who offers a holistic response to issues of poverty – specifically vulnerable children and families.
  2. We have new opportunities – we are no longer limited to serve only children enrolled at one school. In September we expanded from mostly prevention programs (for children enrolled in school) to include intervention (for youth living on the streets). We have the street youth come in the mornings until 1 PM and our school kids come from 1-5PM.
  3. We have a tangible sense of stability. We are no longer asked by the children when we are leaving. Now it is clear to all that we are here to stay, we are here for these kids and ready to walk with them as they grow into adults.
  4. We have a new found joy. The ability to renovate and paint our space in bright colors has brought us all so much joy. The children also appear to find joy in the comfort of an inviting place to spend their free time each day.

As you can imagine with all the new opportunities come new challenges.  We need your prayers for stamina, wisdom and team unity as we expand our reach into the local community.


Click here to view a slideshow of our students and the WMF community center.

Thank you for your support!



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