WMF Rwanda – Empowering the Women Around Us

The story below is from our WMF Rwanda community. Thank you for partnering with WMF and being a part of God’s work to bring healing, hope, and peace to our neighbors in need around the world!

Esther* is one of the women working in our jewelry shop, and has been part of one of our economic empowerment groups for two years. She completed an entrepreneurship training with us last year, but did not feel that she had the natural abilities or confidence to start and run her own business. She didn’t have any artisanal experience before working with us, but we decided to take a chance on her because we believed in her desire to work hard and learn a new skill. She and her husband had been separated for several months, and she was struggling to provide for herself and her two-year-old son on her own.

When she joined us, she had never used a pair of scissors before and was unsure if she would ever be able to cut well. But, after a lot of practice, focus, and encouragement from the other artisans Esther became an expert at making earrings! She and her husband are back together now, and Esther is able to contribute to their family’s financial security through the income she receives from the jewelry shop and through the money she saves in her savings group. Last week, we visited Esther in her home and she excitedly showed us the beautiful bed she just bought for her family so they no longer have to sleep on the floor, and all of the new clothes that she was able to buy for her and her son. Seeing how Esther is filled with joy and pride for her accomplishments gives us hope for her future and the future of all the women working with us!