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Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone seeks to love, serve and accompany vulnerable children and families in the Kroo Bay neighborhood of Freetown.

A brutal 10-year civil war (1991-2002) and the recent Ebola epidemic have left the beautiful people of Sierra Leone some of the poorest and most vulnerable in the world. The country's history of civil unrest, including that devastating civil war, has left a lasting impact on its infrastructure and economy. Limited economic opportunities, weak educational systems, and inadequate healthcare services further contribute to the cycle of poverty. Gender inequality and governance challenges also hinder the prospects of the youth.

Mission Statement

WMF Sierra Leone seeks to love, serve, and accompany vulnerable children and youth, destitute families and women who are sexually exploited in Kroo Bay. Through offering the poor in Kroo Bay relationships built on mutual vulnerability and trust, along with leadership training, skills and traditional education, we endeavour to spread God’s light, hope, wisdom, and peace.

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Alé Alé House of Hope

Alé Alé House of Hope, our ministry center, is a place where the children from Kroo Bay can experience community, hospitality and safety. In addition to our ministry activities, children are welcomed to share meals, grow a garden together and play in the playground. It is also a place where our international staff grow in intimate relationships as we worship and learn.

Protection of Children from Sexual Abuse

The girls in Kroo Bay are particularly vulnerable since many of them experience sexual abuse and exploitation from a young age. WMF supports these children and their families by providing sexual abuse prevention education and counseling, as well as helping them receive medical care and pursue legal action against perpetrators.

Lighthouse Ministry

Lighthouse Ministry is an integrated program where 35 youth in Kroo Bay, one of the poorest communities in Freetown, are intentionally discipled and mentored through these activities:

  • Weekly corporate worship, table fellowship, prayer and interactive Bible study
  • One-on-one small group meetings
  • Home and school visits by mentors
  • Homework assistance
  • Ultimate Frisbee and fellowship on the beach
  • Leadership development through facilitation of the Good News Club
  • Annual summer camp

Kroo Bay Good News Club

On Saturday afternoons, approximately 250 children in Kroo Bay attend the Good News Club for vibrant worship, dynamic Bible stories, prayer, first aid and nutritional snacks.

Kroo Bay Outreach

WMF staff, volunteers from nearby churches and some Lighthouse youth reach out weekly to build relationships with vulnerable families in Kroo Bay. Through compassionate listening and prayers, we seek to bring God’s love to those struggling with poverty in Kroo Bay.

Tutoring Program

Monday through Wednesday, 35 of the most vulnerable children in Kroo Bay attend our tutoring program where they also receive hot meals. We facilitate interactive sessions to develop children’s thinking and learning skills and to promote positive character traits.

Incarnational Living

A few of our WMF staff live in Kroo Bay among the most impoverished of Freetown, sharing in their lives and hardships, building mutual relationships of caring and trust, and experiencing together the incarnate love of Jesus.


Sierra Leone Blog

Flooding in Sierra Leone

By WMF Sierra Leone | October 12, 2015

After the flooding on September 16, our staff and volunteers as well as our youth have been tirelessly helping out those who have been affected by the flooding in Kroo Bay. The community of Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone provided up to 30 people with a place to sleep for over a week after the flooding. Most…

Dan Henry's Prayer Letter FEB2011

By WMF Sierra Leone | February 15, 2011

February 15, 2011 Grace and Peace, By the time you recieve this letter I will have completed my first year of serving with Word Made Flesh in Sierra Leone. Since my arrival I’ve been busy leading the Light House program which is designed to disciple youth who have lived on the streets. For three months…