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Word Made Flesh Rwanda seeks to provide abundant life for women and their families in the urban slums of Kigali!

Mission Statement

Word Made Flesh Rwanda invests in women living in vulnerable communities through friendship, discipleship, and opportunities for economic empowerment and holistic transformation.

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Rwanda has been slowly rebuilding since the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, but many people in this beautiful country still live in poverty. Since 2015, Word Made Flesh Rwanda has been serving women who have been experiencing the brokenness and vulnerability that comes with living in poverty in one of Kigali’s poorest neighborhoods. WMFR seeks to restore hope while equipping women with the tools and resources they need to thrive.

WMFR started as a ministry in Kangondo slum, but in 2022 that area was demolished and its residents were forced to relocate. WMFR felt led to shift the ministry to another vulnerable neighborhood in Kigali called Binunga, which has a majority Muslim popuation. Prostitution is very common in this neighborhood, as well as substance abuse. WMFR is starting work in this new area by continuing relationships with women who have moved there from Kangondo, as they begin building new relationships in the neighborhood.The goal is to recruit new members –specifically single mothers, victims of domestic violence, and women who are involved in prostitution in this community and around to join our future programs.

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Economic Empowerment Groups:

Women in Binunga often struggle to find stable sources of income, making planning for the future extremely difficult. WMFR offers economic empowerment groups to women where they can be part of a savings group, giving them access to a savings account and small loans. These women are also welcomed to participate in a time of bible study and prayer together, and to be part of a compassionate community.

Kundwa Collective:

Kundwa Collective is a social enterprise that offers stable and dignified employment to artisans through jewelry and craft-making. Kundwa means “beloved” in Kinyarwanda. You can shop our products at our website (

Women’s Programs:

We believe that holistic poverty requires a holistic response. In addition to the programs that attempt to relieve the financial struggle many women face, we also try to respond to their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. We frequently visit women in their homes as a way to develop deeper relationships and have a better understanding of their home and family life. We also facilitate trainings and discussions on different commonly-faced health issues in our community, and accompany women through pregnancy to ensure they have access to the healthcare and nutrition that they need.

Entrepreneurship Program:

WMFR has worked with partner organizations to develop an entrepreneurship curriculum that accompanies women in Binunga through the steps of developing and growing a small business, and offers mentorship after the training program. We currently have 7 small businesses that we support through mentorship.


We partner with local counselors to offer individual and group counseling to women suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma from domestic abuse, and the post-traumatic stress that many carry from living through the 1994 genocide.


Rwanda Blog

The Land of a Thousand Hills

By WMF Rwanda | May 1, 2018

At some point life overseas becomes “normal” and I feel like there isn’t anything new or profound to write about. Some days are full of joy and it would be easy to write about all the reasons to shout praises to God, but I get caught up in the celebration and don’t take the time…

True Fasting

By WMF Rwanda | June 6, 2017

Waiting is not always fun. Waiting for something that is completely out of your control, and trusting that God is in control, is not always easy. In fact it can be extremely difficult. As I waited and prayed for my visa, I also prayed for my friend trying to get his visa (which he got…

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The Start of Something New

By WMF Rwanda | March 20, 2017

We are excited about what God is doing here in Kigali, Rwanda. We’ve been working with vulnerable women in one of the communities here now for a year. The first several months seemed pretty rocky at times. The group began with 20 women starting a savings and credit group, but it took some time for…