staff profile with kim farnham

Staff Profile: Kim Farnham

Word Made Flesh US Office intern and Asbury student, Melina Martinez, interviews Field Director, Kim Farnham on life in the WMF Los Angeles field location…

contemplative songs and lyrics

Contemplative Songs & Lyrics

My hope is not beyond…the dust of Your feet. My hope is not beyond…the tears that You bleed. My hope is not beyond…the fold of Your robe. ‘Cause Your touch, it heals me…Read More »

Laying a Foundation of Hope

Laying A Foundation of Hope

The renovations at our new Community Center have been well underway since January, and progress is visible. Last week one of our preteens came to see the place for the first time and exclaimed with delight, “Hey, you could actually live here!”…Read More »

Thailand: With Eyes Wide Open

With Eyes Wide Open

When God invites us to follow Him into the hard places to love on the vulnerable and marginalized, He also invites us to sit with them and embrace brokenness. It is messy. It is complex. It is painful. It is hard. But it is worth it, and the process changes the way we see the world…Read More »

broken for you

Broken for You

Sometimes we celebrate the day. We do our best as the sun smiles, and we partake in our daily activities, but there is a reason for us to stop and think about what makes the sun rise out of darkness…Read More »

Brokenness: The Place of Restoration

Brokenness: The Place of Restoration

Our ministry in Romania began in the shadow of a massive, rusty steel factory among youth who were living on the streets. We met kids in back alleys and street corners, in apartment stairwells and in the underground sewage system. Some had run away from broken and abusive homes…Read More »

Breakthrough in Brokenness

Breakthrough in Brokenness

I pressed the crisp, freshly washed and sun-dried linen to my face to drink in the fragrance of the sunshine. The deluge had cruelly washed away precious lives and homes of our beloved Chennai…Read More »

From the Editor

From the Editor

Welcome back, friends. We are so excited The Cry has returned to the print and the digital world! Whether you have been connected to Word Made Flesh since its inception or this editorial is your first encounter, thank you for being a part of the WMF community… Read More »