25 Volumes

Scroll below to see a timeline of The Cry through the years. Reflection by Clint Baldwin, WMF International Executive Director Friends, 25 years! The Cry has been sharing the work of the Lord as embarked upon by Word Made Flesh for 25 years! As C.S. Lewis writes it in his The Last Battle of The Chronicles […]

Rescue Me From Me

Rescue me Lord God, from all I think I really need. Rescue me Lord God, please uncover this hidden greed. Oh! Rescue me Lord God! Rescue me from me. Is it You Jesus that I’m trying to achieve? Crush this box Jesus and teach me to receive Rescue me Lord God and take my eyes […]

Simplicity of a Child’s Desire

This past March Steve and I were overjoyed to welcome a baby boy Nathaniel into our lives as our foster son – and hopefully our adopted son in a few of months. It has been an adjustment to be a family of three, but overall Nathaniel has been a huge blessing in our lives. Steve […]

Learn More: On Simplicity, Vol. 25 No. 4

As we reflect on this lifestyle celebration, we invite you to explore some of our top picks from media and resources that deal with the topic of simplicity. READ E. Stanley Jones is considered one of the most important missionaries of the 20th century. Known for his extensive work in India and relationship to Gandhi, […]

Simplicity & Peace

In 1 Timothy 6, we see a link between peace and simplicity: “But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world” (I Tim. 6:6-7). Indeed, “peace” is commonly highlighted as a characteristic elemental to Christ followers and the life of faith.  […]

A Complex Simplicity

Simplicity. It should be fairly simple to write about, but I have found it anything but.  I wish I had some great wisdom to share, but instead I come to you with a few questions that I don’t quite have the answers to myself. My hope is that through my ramblings and questions, you may […]

Making Room

As we navigate community with those on the margins, we experience all of the complexities of life–the highs and lows, joy and grief. Our community in Kigali recently walked through grief and hardship together as we held a memorial service at our ministry center for a member of one of our savings groups who passed […]

From the Executive Director (Winter 2020)

E. Stanley Jones was a well-known 20th Century American missionary evangelist to India. In 1938, Time Magazine referred to Jones as “the world’s greatest Christian missionary.”1   Among so many things that could be said, Jones befriended Gandhi, was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, was awarded India’s Gandhi Peace Prize, started the Christian […]

From the Editor — Winter 2020

Even as I undertake the complicated process of putting an issue of The Cry together, reflecting on this year and all its complexities, I am struck with my need to remember the simplicity of Christ and His peace. A God-Man clothed in humility and authenticity, a carpenter, whose ministry juxtaposed that of the Pharisees. There […]