From the Editor — Spring 2020

Half a year is now fading away, and many around the world are slowly emerging from quarantines and stay-at-home orders to find societies in upheaval, both because of the pandemic and now because of protests against racial injustice. 2020, if no other year before it has done it for us, has taught us what could […]

From the Executive Director (Spring 2020)

Dear friends, I know that you will be so blessed reading all of the reflections and stories in this issue of The Cry. As one of our WMF Lifestyle Celebrations, WMF notes that we “celebrate humility before God and humanity?” What does this mean? Are we somehow equating experiencing difficulty with goodness of character? Though […]

Humility and Harmony

“Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position.”—Romans 12:16 “Only humility will lead us to unity, and unity to peace.” —Mother Teresa Motherhood in a way forces you into a posture of humility. You have to put this little human above yourself and […]

What Are You?

“What are you?” a friend and mentor asked. My mind instantly began racing through a list of potential answers: a Christian, a missionary, a wife, a mother, a linguist, an adventurer… He interrupted my thoughts with his next sentence, “The answer to that is, you’re human.” That’s not what I wanted to hear! Human carries […]

Humility When Tensions Are High

Last fall, Bolivia experienced significant political instability throughout the country and in areas where our WMF staff reside. Some community members evacuated as we experienced weeks of national protests, blockades and riots regarding socialist president Evo Morales and his continuance of power for an unconstitutional 4th term. Chaos and division grew as protests became increasingly […]

Learn More: On Humility, Vol. 25 No. 1

As we reflect on this lifestyle celebration, we invite you to explore some of our top picks from media and resources that deal with the topic of humility. READ VINCE L. BANTU takes us on a journey of humility as he crates a paradigm shift for the Western Christian’s understanding of the Gospel and missiology. […]

Celebrating Humility (Vol. 25 No. 1)

I have worked as a primary care provider since finishing a pediatric residency in 1999. Having a job in healthcare gives me numerous opportunities to be humbled in very good ways. I am encouraged that during my career, there has been a clear evolution away from the traditional hierarchical deference to doctors, and a more […]

Emptying Ourselves to Come Alongside

During one of the prayer times with my colleagues, I shared on John 3:16. It was a few days before Christmas, the time we remember that God graciously sent Jesus Christ to humanity out of His great love. I wanted to call the attention of my audience on how Jesus humbled Himself and accepted to […]

My Deepest Humility

I was a teenage girl when I first heard God calling my name, so I’ve always been drawn to the story of God calling Mary, a teenage girl, to become the mother of the Messiah. I’m still intrigued at Mary’s encounter with the angel Gabriel in Luke 1:26-38, where his first words to her are, […]

Humility in the “Shark Tank”

“How would you like to win $70,000?” We were initially excited when early 2020 we were asked to pitch SutiSana for a Bolivian version of the reality show Shark Tank, where we would be competing with 99 other Bolivian businesses for a $70,000 prize. Like most businesses, and specifically as a freedom business that employs […]